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Customers look to ACI for solutions to facility management issues and energy conservation questions. Whether it’s a brand new or existing building, ACI can develop a solution to help manage and reduce energy costs while maintaining a comfortable and productive environment.


Service flexibility

Implementing a flexible open architecture system is an important consideration when evaluating building automation vendors. ACI can deliver a system that can provide maximum flexibility and independence. We deliver freedom from relying on one vendor for service and expansion needs. Vendor independence will provide you with the most cost effective alternatives for the future.


ACI services include

SYSTEMS CONSULTATION AND SALES. Our staff will work with you to design a cost-effective, custom solution to accommodate all of your building automation needs and budget requirements. We have a proven track record of designing systems that will save operating costs and provide a better environment for the building occupants.


ENERGY MANAGEMENT.  ACI is dedicated to providing solutions that save money on energy costs. Metering and analyzing energy usage is important for conservation and reducing C02 emissions. It is vital in order to preserve the environment for future generations and it is a central strategic focus of ACI.


RE-COMMISSIONING EXISTING SYSTEMS.  Our technical experts can re-commission your existing temperature control/building automation system to save energy without sacrificing occupant comfort or equipment reliability. Physical changes to your facility and how it has been used over the years can reduce the efficiency of your existing system. Our team of experts will evaluate your facility as it is used today and make the necessary changes to restore efficiency and generate energy savings.


PART SALES.  ACI can help locate hard to find parts for your temperature control system. We have access to parts from Johnson Controls, as well as many other manufacturers. Plus, if you need help with installation our service department can provide installation support.


EMERGENCY SERVICE AND PLANNED SERVICE AGREEMENTS.  ACI provides 24-hour emergency service along with customized options for planned service agreements. We can develop a service plan to meet your facility’s specific needs and budget. 


Product line flexibility

Applied Controls, Inc. sells and installs Johnson Controls Facility Explorer® and Honeywell WEBs-AX® Tridium based systems. Tridium takes ease-of-use to a higher level with an exclusive system development appliance that combines the benefits of standard system integration with the flexibility to handle tasks that are unique to your installation.


Important Tridium benefits include:

ROBUST SYSTEM ACCESS. Manage your building automation system in real-time wherever you are. Monitor system activity, access system alarms and perform scheduling and logging functions from a web browser on a local workstation or remotely from a smart phone.

MULTI-SYSTEM UNIFICATION. Manage geographically dispersed sites (multi-site) with one system.

PROTOCOL INTEGRATION. Integrate LONWORKS, BACnet, Modbus, and other protocols into one common system with uniform data presentation.


GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE. Utilize integrated tools and resources designed for facility managers and engineers.

VERTICAL INTEGRATION. Enable integration into enterprise applications such as security systems, accounting, tenant billing, and energy management.